A application which makes it possible to send and receive geolocalized warnings

ICE GeoAlert notify your family, your friends and you geolocate

ICE GeoAlert is a program that enables to inform immediately the selected people of my emergency situation. These selected people have already agreed to receive my alerts.
ICE GeoAlert informs Saviors by notification on their smartphone (text + ringing alert), and E-mail.

ICE GéoAlert permet d’informer immédiatement de sa situation d'urgence des personnes préalablement choisies et qui ont accepté d’être contactées.

It makes available :

App screen

•   A web application – To sign up, to adjust your profile, to add new Saviors or to accept someone’s request, to mention allergies, treatments and pathologies in order to ease the work of the emergency services

•   - An application for smartphone (Android, Iphone) – To issue the alert in only 2 clicks

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  • How do I issue an alert ?

    After having downloaded the application on my smartphone, I issue an alert by pushing the big red button ICE. Then, if I can I follow the instructons and give my Saviors some details like the reason of the emergency.

  • What is a Warner ?

    A Warner is a person who chose you to be alerted in case of emergency. This person can warn you only if you have already accepted his request by e-mail or directly on the website icegeoalert.com.

  • What is a Savior ?

    A Savior is a person you want to contact in case of emergency. It is generally advised to have many Saviors. Your Saviors may be : natural persons (family, friends) or organisations (private organisations, state organisations)

  • What is geolocation ?

    Geolocation is a process that enables to locate an object, a person, a place or also a city on a map with its longitude and latitude coordonates. When you issue an alert, your GPS position is registered by ICE GeoAlert’s program and given to your Saviors.

    What is a GeoAlert ?

    A geoalert is an alert launched from a smartphone which enables to identify the person who issued the alert and to geolocate him.

  • What information are given when I issue an alert ?

    •   My identity,

    •   Date and time of the alert,

    •   Type of the alert and the details given by the person involved (me). ICE GeoAlert’s system enables the Warner -if he can- to add some details to its basic alert very easily (aggression, accident, fainting, etc.)

    •   Geographic coordinates (this function is available only on smartphone with GPS chipset)

  • How are the Saviors informed of an emergency ?

    •   Notification on their smartphone (text + ringing alert)
    •   E-mail
    •   SMS (only on Android)
    These different means can be used at the same time.

  • When shall you issue an alert ?

    As soon as you are registered on ICE GeoAlert’s program, if you have any problem that requires some help and you want to inform your family and friends of the situation, you can use ICE GeoAlert’s system to issue an alarm. For instance, you just had a car crash, thus you trigger an alert and you are immediately localized. Your friends and your family (your Saviors) can quickly join you and help you.

  • What is the tracking mode ?

    When you go for a walk, for a hike or if you do a risky intinerary (urban). The tracking mode enables to register the time you want ICE GeoAlert to trigger automatically the alert in case you have not stopped the countdown right. When the tracking mode is activated, ICE regularly receives your GPS positions and in case of emergency your friends and family will get access to all your registered positions.


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How does it work

The ICE GeoAlert application lets you :

•   Issue an alert so that ICE GeoAlert warns your Saviors
•   Receive Alerts from your Warners (friends, children, parents ...) and pinpoint them immediately,
•   Turn on the tracking mode to enable your Saviors to know the taken path in case an incident occurs,
•   Consult your health record, your profile,

Download ICE GeoAlert app

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The Team

Eric CHANSSARDCreator of the app 

The purpose was to create a free mobile alarm system for the private individuals, accessible to all and which works in all the countries.


Developer confirmed on ICE GéoAlert since the beginning of the adventure. He analyzes, conceives, develops the iOs version, Android and Cloud.


Developer Back-End and Front End, he develops the Android app.

KarineHead Of communications

She is in charge of promoting ICE GeoAlert with professionals

Carcassonne - MAY 2011

The seminar of launch of ICE GeoAlert with the team of Developers


and Benjamin, Adrien, Théo, Merlin, Guillaume, Pierre et Pierre, Alexis, Fabien, Olivier, Romain, Franck, Lisa et Lisa, Mathilde.

You are establishment of health, an event organiser

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You want to offer new security services at your customers, your team

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You are underwriters.

You want to add to your current services a new protection provided by ICE GeoAlert's program - new services of which you will be in charge instead of your insured persons

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You are investors

You want to be part of the development of ICE GeoAlert's program : you have ideas to improve ICE, you have money to invest in new capacities or you want to use your professional network on a national and international scale to develop the application.

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