The society INFOPOLIS developed ICE GeoAlert’s program – denominated ICE. It is composed of the mobile application ICE GeoAlert and the web application This program allows the users to warn their family and their friends with geolocated alerts and also to dispose of a digital health record. It is expressly recognised by ICE GeoAlert’s user that this program is not a subsitute of the emergency services (police, fire department, emergency department). The use of ICE implies a total acceptance of these General Conditions of Use and a respect of the laws by the user. INFOPOLIS can not be responsible for an illegal use of the application ICE GeoAlert by any user.

2- Publisher of the website and the mobile application :

ICE is from now on denominated “The Program”. The following General Conditions of Use aim at being enforced by the users of the program, named now «The users» and the company INFOPOLIS, 58 bis Chemin du Chapitre 31100 Toulouse (France), registered in the Trade and Companies Register of Toulouse under number 490 378 577. They form a contractual agreement regulating your access to the program and its use. ICE gives you the access to the program subject to your acceptance of the General Conditions of Use, including your acceptance of the Privacy policy of the «program». These conditions of use may be updated at any moment without notice. The «users» represent every single person who get access to «ICE GeoAlert’s program».

  • Publishing Director : Société INFOPOLIS : Eric CHANSSARD.
  • Responsible for publishing : Société INFOPOLIS : Eric CHANSSARD.
  • Concept and realisation : Société INFOPOLIS : Eric CHANSSARD.

3- The protection of personal data and privacy :

ICE meets the European and French standards in personal data and privacy. Moreover ICE has registered in the National Commission for Data Protection and Liberties (CNIL-France) under number 1767835 v 0. “The user” accepts that ICE collects, uses, handles and stores information about him and his account which are necessary for the “Program” to run and to be used. “The users” have the right to update, change and delete their personal data according to the privacy policy and personal privacy. When “the users” enter personal data on their account ICE, they accept our privacy policy and personal privacy. Every person who is under 18 must read with the parents or legal representative these conditions of use before creating an account on ICE GeoAlert. In order to open an account on ICE, “the user” has to give his email address, his password and to enter personal and health data. The transfer of these information to the program is encrypted. Thus “The user” can transmit the data trustfully and safely. All the needed precautions have been taken in our databases to archive your information in a safe environment. “The user” is responsible for the privacy of his email address, his password and of his account’s use. “The user” commits to give information that are true, complete and updated.

4 – Right of use in a private capacity and professional capacity :

The registration to the ICE GeoAlert program and the use of the functions both on the application and the cloud are free for individuals if they are used for personal and private purposes only. A non-professional use of ICE GeoAlert is free for warners as well as for the alerted people they chose. For commercial or professional use of ICE, a paid subscription is necessary to get the right to use ICE GeoAlert. The subscription will be on behalf of the user organism which is then identified as the “alerted person” (firm, association, public services). The subscription is non-transferable, its size and its cost depend on the number of “warners” who will be able to warn the “alerted person” in case of emergency. The information about user permissions and subscription requests must be sent by email to :

5 – Suggestions and Testimony

If “the user” shares suggestions to improve ICE GeoAlert’s program and writes testimony, he naturally transfers to ICE GeoAlert’s program in an effective and definitive way his rights, titles and profits on the comment’s content without any compensation, gratification or payment. He definitely renounces to any claim towards ICE or any eligible company which would be linked to the enlighted testimony or suggestion.

6 – Intellectual property rights and copyright :

All information, documents, designs, logos or softwares of ICE GeoAlert’s program are the property of INFOPOLIS and can not be used without written preliminary authorization, all rights reserved.

7 – Responsabilities :

ICE makes the best to offer its users efficient tools. ICE does not guarantee all the services will be usable if “the user’s” Internet access provider is failing his own task. ICE is not liable for low connection particularly from the network coverage of the operators chosen by users and non-exhaustively for the nets and wifi connections or GPS, for an impossible access, for bad conditions of use of the mobile application coming from the mobile equipment either non-adapted or crashed, for intern dysfunctions of the user”s internet provider, for the network congestion and for all other reasons not including ICE. ICE declines any explicit or implicit responsibility in case of late alerts or non-transfered alerts. Even if all the information and tips available on the cloud and on the mobile application are honest, ICE does not guarantee their exhaustivity or their exactitude. “The user” totally bears the risk of his trust in our statements. “The user” of the mobile application and the cloud recognizes being aware of the conditions of use and commit to follow them. He also recognizes to dispose of the necessary abilities and means to use the application. “The user” recognizes bearing all the risks in terms of satisfaction towards the quality of functioning, availability, security, exactitude and effort, to the maximum extent allowed by applicable law. Thus the user recognizes using the mobile application under his own and exclusive responsability.

8 – Termination :

“The user” can cancel his ICE GeoAlert account at any time. To do so, he just has too log into his account in the tab “My account” and then click on “Deregistration”, and finally enter his password. In case of termination, the account will be deactivated, the data will be canceled and “the user” will not have access to ICE”s program or his account anymore.

9 – Applicable law and attribution of jurisdiction:

These General Conditions of Use are governed by and interpreted in accordance with French law. In the event of a dispute as to the meaning of a word or in the event of a provision of these General Conditions of Use the language of interpretation is French.