Improve the safety of your employees, customers and users


Secure your customers, users or teams regardless of your sector of activity

You want to provide additional security for your employees on a construction site, your employees abroad, skiers on your domain, students, high school students to help against harassment, and better manage a crisis situation. You want to follow in real time your journalists in high-risk areas... ICE GeoAlert meets your expectations.

Protect your team all over the world

The mobile application and supervision work anywhere in the world with an internet connection. The supervisor located in Paris can receive an alert from his employee and follow his movements even if he is abroad.

  • Network coverage
  • A computer connected to Internet for the supervision


You secure your users, customers or employees yourself, within a defined perimeter or outside any perimeter. You are notified in real time of any incident. You know where your teams are. You intervene quickly.

Organize sporting events

We create with the organizers the "Race Tracking", each participant or team downloads the application on their smartphone
and the "Tracking" function geolocates them throughout the race.

In case of emergency, participating athletes can trigger a geolocated alert.

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